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The ACDC 1.2 Printmodule is a cost-efficient voltage regulator for low power applications up to 1,2Watts. It provides an output voltage of 7,8V with a current of 150mA and is ideally suited for radio-modules which should be powered by line voltage. Other output voltages are available if desired. The output of the module is short-circuit-proof. A wide input voltage range of 85V - 260V AC respectively 25V - 260V DC allows universal applications.

ACDC 1.2 Printmodule


  • Universal input for DC and AC
  • Input voltage
- 85 - 260V AC
- 25 - 260V DC
  • Output voltage
- 7,8V not electrically isolated
- 100mV ripple
- other voltages above 5V possible
  • Output rating
- 1,2Watts continuous load
- short-circuit-proof
  • Simple assembly
- Terminal pins in 2.54mm grid
- vertical and horizontal assembly possible
  • Temperature range
- -40°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions
- 35mm x 18mm x 8mm

Special references:

Based on the not electrically isolated output of the ACDC 1.2 Printmodule, appropriate safety instructions and designrules have to be attended!

At the output of the ACDC 1.2 Printmodule a capacitor is required for proper operation and to minimize the ripple.

An electrolytic capacitor with 100μF and an adequate voltage range is recommended.


Datasheet ACDC 1.2 Printmodule (DE)

Datasheet ACDC 1.2 Printmodule (EN)

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