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Tag for Ranging / RTLS applications with radino32 DW1000 Ultra Wide Band module.

DW1000 Tag


  • radino32 DW1000 module
  • Integrated UWB antenna
  • Integrated USB-Li-ion loader for 18650 battery
  • microUSB connector for battery loading
  • Transparent enclosure
  • Accelerometer, 3-Axis (Datasheet NXP MMA7660FC)
  • 3 freely programmable LEDs


The DW1000 Tag is shipped programmed with a closed source firmware based on the dw1000 advanced demo from our radino Library.

Extended functionality of the DW1000 Tag firmware

  • The stm32 enters stopMode when there is no activity to save as much power as possible

Functionality contained in the dw1000 advanced demo

  • USB used as configuration interface (wireless channel, transmit power)
  • When USB power is detected, the measuring algorithm is paused
  • Measure and transmit battery voltage
  • When no movement is deteceted for 30 seconds the DW1000 is put to sleep and the stm32 goes to idle (checking every 2 seconds if there now is movement)
  • While USB power is detected the LEDs flashing signals charge state of the battery (Green:>4.125V,Yellow:>3.8V,Red:<3.8V)
  • A succesfull distance mesurement is signaled by a LED flash (Green:RSSI>-75dBm,Yellow:RSSI>-90dBm,Red:RSSI<-90dBm)
  • While turned upside down the battery voltage level ist signaled on LED (Green:>4.0V,Green/Yellow:>3.75,Yellow:>3.5V,Yellow/Red:>3.25,Red:<3.25V)

Working with the firmware command mode

  • Connect the DW1000 Tag to your PC via USB
  • Start a terminal program (e.g. PuTTY, HTerm, Hyperterminal, ...) with 57600 baud and 8N1
  • After opening the connection press <Enter> once to display the menu
A)ddr:0x1234  C)han:5  X)Str:27.5  R)eload  S)tore  F)orceMeas:N

Available commands:

All commands will be send by <Enter>.

  • Set address to 0xYYYY. This overides the ID set during production. (Vaild values: 0x0000 to 0xFFFF)
  • set channel to X. (Valid values: 1,2,3,4,5,7)
  • set tx power to YY.Z dB (Range 0 to 33.5 steps of 0.5)
  • Toggle execute measurements. The module communicates with the anchors and prints out results even when powered by USB.
  • reload last stored values from EEPROM
  • store current configuration to EEPROM (The F option is not stored and reset on USB disconnect)


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