Flashing a new ZWIR4512 Firmware

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To flash a new firmware without a dedicated JTAG-Adapter or development environment all ZWIR4512-Modules are shipped with a bootloader. This can be accessed with the flash loader demonstrator provided by STMicroelectronics, eg under Media:ST_Flashloader.zip or the link [1]. This archive simply can be downloaded and installed on the local PC. To connect to the bootloader, a connection to the modules UART must be made. The following example will assume using an ADB2001 and the flash loader demonstrator being installed.

Enabling the modules' bootloader

To make the module accept bootloading-commands, the pin called "boot sel" must be driven high while resetting the board.

On an ADB2001 this can be done using the following sequence:

  1. Connect the ADB2001 to the PC using an USB-Cable
  2. Switching the power-switch to its ON-Position
  3. Press the RESET-Button (the button in the middle)
  4. Press the Boot-Sel Button (the right button in the image)
  5. Release the RESET-Button
  6. Release the Boot-Sel Button

ADB2001 and ZWIR.jpg

Now the bootloader is started.

Flashing the new application

After starting the flash loader demonstrator, the following screen is shown:

STM flashloader start.jpg

Please change the settings to the following:

Port Name
the second of the COM-Ports assigned to the ADB2001. These can be shown using the Windows device-Manager. Usually the is the third choice in the drop down menu
Baud Rate
Flow Control

If everything is OK, you will see a screen like the following by clicking Next.

STM Flashloader readable.jpg

This page is just for control, so clicking Next again shows the following screen.

STM Flashloader flash lock.jpg

This page shows current state of the processors flash. If the application doesn't need any specific Pages locked, these values can be left at their defaults and the next page can be shown by clicking Next again.

STM Flashloader action.jpg

To put a new firmware on the device, the radio-button Download to device should be checked. and the corresponding file chosen by clicking the ...-Button. Clicking Next will start the transmission. If there is a screen like the following, everything worked well and the module is running the new firmware.

STM Flashloader done.jpg

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