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General Information


Flexible flight instrument for fixed installation

The ICflyDisplay brings the artificial horizon of ICflyAHRSII into the cockpit. The transflective touchscreen guarantees a clear representation even in direct sunlight, as well as a simple usability. All settings are configurable via the integrated touchscreen.

The device mode can be selected within the integraded setup menu:

  • Horizon with pressure, position and speed data are displayed in real time
  • Motor data display for the Rotax 912, (compatible with ICflyMotorbox 912)
  • Traffic display, traffic data of a traffic sensor (TRX-1500 etc.)

The ICflyDisplay has 4 serial interfaces, whose baud rates are easy to configure. In addition, the data stream for the display can be chosen freely.


  • Artificial horizon (requires ICflyAHRSII)
  • ICflyBus: wired connection between ICfly devices (ICflyAHRSII, ICflyDisplay, ICflyMotorbox 912 and more)
  • Transflective display: clear presentation even in direct sunlight
  • Integrated Touchscreen: configuration and selection of the operating mode directly on the device
  • Fixed installation: mounting in 80mm standard instrument cutout
  • Low power consumption of approx. 1.2 W


Datasheet ICflyDisplay (german)

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