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General Information


The ICflyMotorbox reads engine data from the Rotax 912 and makes it available via ICflyBus as an NMEA dataset. The engine data can be displayed on an ICflyDisplay or be transmitted by an ICflyAHRSII or ICflyConnect via WiFi to wireless devices. The SkyMap-App directly supports the ICfly Motorbox.

The ICflyMotorbox can either be connected directly to the sensor lines of the Rotax or be clamped parallel to existing motor data displays. The required calibration can be realized very comfortably using the Windows tool.


  • ICflyBus: wired connection between ICfly devices (ICflyAHRSII, ICflyDisplay, ICflyMotorbox 912 and more)
  • Power supply for other ICfly devices via ICflyBus
  • Depiction of engine data via SkyMap
  • Windows-Tool for easy configuration and calibration


  • 2x ICflyBus
  • CAN bus (for head-up display)
  • 2x thermocouple (EGT)
  • from engine
    • RPM
    • MAP
    • FLAPS
    • Oil pressure and temperature
    • Fuel pressure
    • 2x CHT
    • AirBoxTemp
    • OAT


The firmware of the ICflyMotorbox can be updated via SD-Card.

Just extract the firmwareupdate to a FAT-formatted uSD-Card, insert it into the ICflyMotorbox and apply power to the ICflyMotorbox. Then the firmware will be updated automatically.

Please refer to the table below for all available firmware-updates.

Firmwareversion Description Downloadlink
0.12 Fix data output of flap position
0.11 Initial Firmware Release


20170607 ICflyMotorbox ConfigurationTool 1 0 8.png

The ICflyMotorbox can be configured using a Windows-Tool.

An ICflyAHRSII or ICflyConnect is required to provide WLAN-connectivity to the ICflyMotorbox.

20170607 ICflyAHRSII Configuration for ICflyMotorBoxConfigTool.png

  • Start the ICflyMotorbox Configuration-Tool
  • Connect to your ICflyMotorbox


  • Import / Export ICflyMotorbox configuration
  • Load / Store single channel configuration
  • Load / Store single channel LUT (Look-Up-Table) to configure the channels

Recommended operation system:

  • Windows 10

Please refer to the table below for all available versions of the ICflyMotorbox Configuration-Tool.

Version Description Downloadlink
1.0.11 Initial Release


Datasheet ICflyMotorbox 912 (german)
ICflyMotorbox 912 NMEA Specification (german)
Default SD-Card (configuration for Rotax912)

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