ICradio Mini 2.4G

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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life
ICradio Module 2.4G

The ICradio Mini 2.4G is developed for for Peer-to-Peer connections and short wireless networks. It is based on the wireless transceiver AT86RF230 and the ATmega8 mikrocontroller of Atmel.

The ICradio Mini 2.4G is designed for the 2,4GHz ISM band.

The wireless module will be delivered with a pre-installed UART-radio-application. With this application you can assign data with a baudrate of 38400 Baud.

Using two ICradio Mini 2.4G a complete galvinic isolation of EMI sensitive devices can be realised.

Because of the integrated voltage regulator and the Level-Shifters the module is able to convert signal-level of 3,3V to 5V level.




Datasheet ICradio Mini 2.4G (de)

Uart-RF-Bridge HowTo

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