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The dw1000_ranging_demo can be found at our [http://wiki.in-circuit.de/index.php5?title=radino_Library#Downloads radino library].

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The dw1000 ranging demo on radino32 DW1000 modules is optimized for radino spiders with ultra-wideband antenna. The demo is based on the DW1000 library by Thomas Trojer.


At the first part of the sketch the hardware has to be configured.

Defines for ANCHOR (WE_ARE_ANCHOR == 1) or TAG (WE_ARE_ANCHOR == 0) mode on DW1000. At the third mode (WE_ARE_ANCHOR == 2), the read input from pin (PIN_READMODE) will set the TAG (internal pull-up) or the ANCHOR (connect to ground) mode. One ANCHOR can handle up to six TAGs.

#define WE_ARE_ANCHOR      0
#define PIN_READMODE      A1

Set an individual short address for every device (for ANCHOR and for TAG)

#define MY_SHORT_ADDRESS   0x1234

Set the TX power in dBm from 0 to 33.5 in steps of 0.5. If the value is too high, the signals may overdrive and the results distort. Activate only, if you known your local wireless regulations.

//#define DW_TX_POWER      33.5

If set to 1, the Anchor regularly prints out a table of known devices. Else it prints every ranging event separately.


LED toggles on successful measurement. Set to 0xFF to deactivate functionality. Default on pin 13 for led L on radino spider.

#define PIN_LED 13

Set where to printout information. Serial for serial communication by USB and Serial1 for communication by the UART port.

#define SerialOut if(Serial)Serial
#define SerialOutBegin() Serial.begin()

Here you can set actions to execute when a TAG gets near an ANCHOR. MODULE_NEAR_VALUE in meters and MODULE_NEAR_TIMEOUT in milliseconds.

#define MODULE_NEAR_VALUE    1.0

Activate (#if 1) or deactivate (#if 0) output signal for a near TAG at ANCHOR

  • MODULE_NEAR_INIT : Executed during setup()
  • MODULE_NEAR_ON : Executed when any tag is nearer than MODULE_NEAR_VALUE for at least MODULE_NEAR_TIMEOUT
  • MODULE_NEAR_OFF : Executed when no tag is nearer than MODULE_NEAR_VALUE
#if 0
#define MODULE_NEAR_INIT() do{ pinMode(22,OUTPUT); }while(0)
#define MODULE_NEAR_ON() do{ digitalWrite(22,HIGH); }while(0)
#define MODULE_NEAR_OFF() do{ digitalWrite(22,LOW); }while(0)
#define MODULE_NEAR_INIT() do{}while(0)
#define MODULE_NEAR_ON() do{}while(0)
#define MODULE_NEAR_OFF() do{}while(0)



The dw1000_ranging_demo can be found at our radino library.

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