radino RS485/RS232-Bridge IP65

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radino RS485/RS232-Bridge connections radino RS485/RS232-Bridge radino RS485/RS232-Bridge

The radino RS485/RS232-Bridge combines a radino module with RS485 and RS232 interfaces to bridge the serial data to RF. Depending on the radino module different radio standards can be operated e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth or any SRD standards. The device is mounted in an IP65 enclosure and is suitable for outdoor use.


  • compatible to all radino modules
  • PR-SMA antenna socket
  • typical Arduino LEDs: Rx, Tx, IO13
  • Reset button, Bootselect button for firmware updates of radino32
  • MicroUSB socket
  • wide input voltage range: 7V-24V (27V peak)
  • integrated RS485 driver
  • integrated RS232 driver


Most radino variants are delivered preprogrammed with the radino_rf_serial_bridge example from our radino_Library.


Assembly drawing radino RS485/RS232-Bridge IP65
Schematic radino RS485/RS232-Bridge IP65
Datasheet antennas
Downloadpage for radino library

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