AT91 In-system Programmer (SAM-BA)

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The AT91 processors provide a ROM-based bootloader. This provides support for booting via SPI or NAND-Flash or an specially prepared SD-Card. If that bootloader can't find any bootable image, via USB a communication-channel for debuggin purposes can be established. The PC-program used to utilize this is called SAM-BA. The complete description can be found in the AT91SAM9G45 datasheet.

The bootloader can be selected using the BMS Pin. Per default this bootloader is disabled and the execution takes place directly in the first parts of the NOR-flash. As the debugging-functionality can be used via the JTAG-Interface, it is recommended not to use SAM-BA.

If SAM-BA is needed on an ICnova SAM9G45 SO-DIMM, there is the possibility to change the boot-behavior using pin 8 of the module. In case of using SAM-BA connect the pin 8 to VDDIO ( 3.3V ). This way, the Module could be debugged using the USB-port. If it has to be enabled for some specific circumstances on an ICnova SAM9G45 OEM, a resistor has to be replaced. Please see BMS-Pin on ICnova SAM9G45 OEM for more information.

The SAM-BA application has to be configured using the AT91SAM9G45 itself and the correct memories connected to it.

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