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Preconfiguration of the toolchain

For most of the combinations of ICnova ADB and ICnova OEM, a suitable configuration-file is shipped on the CD. They can be found right in the ICnova directory, copied to your Harddisk. To use a particular configuration, just call, eg.

New products will be shipped without a CD. Please visit Downloads for the CD image.

cp adb1000.config .config

The configuration file starts with the name of the ICnova ADB. Appended to this might be plus for the usage along with an ICnova OEMplus or g45 for use with an ICnova SAM9G45 OEM or SODIMM.

If the *.config file for the desired board is not shipped with your version of buildroot maybe an appropriate *_defconfig file is available in the configs directory. To create a .config file from the _defconfig file invoke

make name_of_your_board_defconfig

Selection of software and packages

To change a pre-configured toolchain or to configure a completely different one, the configuration can be altered by calling make menuconfig within the ICnova directory. Now, the software can be selected which should be included in your toolchain.

Buildroot menuconfig.jpg

Caution! Not all options listed there, are supported on every board. Choosing ”Package Selection for the target --->“ shows a list with all programs that are provided. For installing a program select it by using the cursor and hit <Enter>.

To compile C++-applications, please ensure that you build your toolchain with C++ support. To do so, you have to select "Build/Install C++ Compiler and libstdc++" under "Toolchain options".

After selection, the program can be closed using the ”<Exit>“ button. Being back in the command line, the make-command generates a cross toolchain with the selected software and a file system image used to program the ICnova. The first time make is called, the computer is busy for a longer period. Subsequent runs will happen just in a small part of that time, as unchanged software doesn't needs to be compiled again and, in the easiest case, just the image itself is recreated.

Configuration of major components

There are some essential software packages, built by buildroot providing a similar configuration interface. These are busybox, uclibc and the linux kernel. After the first built these can be configured in a similar way. The following table will show the variants:

Configuration dialogs
package Command Description
busybox make busybox-menuconfig an executable providing support for most unix commands
uclibc make uclibc-menuconfig a small C-library
Linux Kernel make linux26-menuconfig the linux Kernel

The new configuration will be taken into account when generating a new image the next time.

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