DIN Rail Modules

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All our rail modules are connectable with BUS connectors.
Over this bus, the modules share a 24V power supply and are connected via RS485.
On the RS485 connection the DIN Rail BUS Protocol can be used for communication.

Module Picture Width CPU/MCU Features
DIN Rail CPU 10
DIN Rail CPU 10.jpg
1TE ICnova SAM9G45 OEM ARM9@400MHz, 256MB NAND-Flash, Linux BSP, Ethernet, RS485
radino DinRail 6S2I
HS6S2I 45 1000.jpg
1TE radino32 WiFi preinstalled 6x Relays output, 2x Digital input
radino DinRail Adapter
radino-dinrail top 45 housing.jpg
1TE suitable for

all radino modules

DinRail Adapter to connect any radino Modules
DIN Rail BUS Extender
DIN Rail BUS Extender.png
1TE Connect separate rails
DIN Rail BUS Auskoppler
DIN Rail BUS Auskoppler.jpg
1TE External connectors for 24V supply and RS485

For information about legacy boards please consult legacy products.

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