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Repairing filepermissions

After the content of the Support-CD was copied on the hard disk, the correct configuration file was copied and "make" started. This results in an error like: make: packaga/lzma/ Permission denied

New products will be shipped without a CD. Please visit Downloads for the CD image.


This error can be a result of copying the content, using drag'n'drop with certain file managers. If the files were copied through a windows-share, the result might be the same. A third method to produce this error is to mount the CD with the option noexec. In all these cases the correct permissions of the individual files were dropped, either by the file manager, the kernel or the used network protocol.


In the majority of cases it is enough to execute the command "chmod -R a+x *" within the ICnova directory. This command sets the executable flag on all files within that directory and its subdirectories.

If this is not enough, the CD should be accessed directly via the PC and copied using the command "cp -a /media/cdrom/ICnova .".

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