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ICprog OpenOCD

ICprog OpenOCD

Open Source Adapter:

  • USB JTAG Adapter for OpenOCD
  • Standard 2x5pin ARM JTAG pinheader
  • Additional Pinheader for TTL-UART
  • Compatible with all our ARM-based Boards (ICnova SAM9G45 OEM, ICnova i.MX353 OEM)

Schematic Programmer

JTAG via OpenOCD

OpenOCD driver on Windows

When using Windows you need to install the appropriate libusb-1.0 (WinUSB) drivers:

  1. Visit and download the latest zadig software.
  2. Plug in your interface
  3. Start zadig.exe (you may be asked by UAC to allow this application to change system settings - click Yes)
  4. If your device is visible in drop-down list go to step 6
  5. Check Options > List All Devices
  6. Select your device in drop-down list ("Dual RS232")
  7. From the right (active) selector choose WinUSB (...) driver
  8. Click Install Driver or Replace Driver below (you may be asked by OS to accept driver installation - click Yes)
  9. Click Close in the message box that will appear informing you about success
  • you need to install the driver for both interfaces of your OpenOCD programmer (Interface 0 & Interface 1).
  • (this guide was provided by [1])

The ICprog OpenOCD can be ordered at our Shop

ICprog-AVR2.0 / KANDA


The ICprog-AVR2.0 / KANDA is the smallest available USB-Programmer for Atmels AVR microcontroller.

Version 2.0 is programming twice as fast as ordinary programmers.

ICprog-AVR2.0 / KANDA knows about the Page Programming Mode and is compatible to AVR910.

For controlling purposes there are LEDs on this programmer. We recommend the AVRDUDE for programming.

The ICprog-AVR2.0-KANDA has a 10 pole programming interface unlike to the 6-pole connector of ICprog-AVR2.0.

The Programmer is equipped with a bootloader, that is able to flash firmware-updates.



Updater_ICprog-AVR 2.0 KANDA

Updater_ICprog-AVR 2.0(slow)

Updater_ICprog-AVR 2.0

CP201x Driver


How to install drivers for CP2102 (german)

Datasheet ICprog-AVR2.0 (en)

Datasheet ICprog-AVR2.0 KANDA (en)

Datasheet ICprog-AVR2.0 (de)

Datasheet ICprog-AVR2.0 KANDA (de)

supported list ICprog-AVR2.0



Standard Wiggler low cost JTAG interface for Parallelport.


Schematic wiggler

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