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The PacketTXMode can be used to send any binary data in chunks of up to 100 Byte to any radio in the same network. Each chunk will go into a single packet and can be controlled independently.

After sending the character 0x14 (^T) over the UART, the Application will enter the PacketTXMode. A interactive menu will be started, requesting all parameters required for the packet.

 Enter Packetmode? <y> y
 Input Packet
 DSTID   :0x -> 0x1234
 Payload length (0-99): -> 10
  00=12  01=34  02=56  03=78  04=90  05=AB  06=CD  07=EF
  08=AA  09=BB
 Packet Mode: Frame sent!

First a security question, wether the Packetmode should be entered must by answered by sending a 'y'-character. Any other character will leave the Packetmode immediatly.

Afterwards the DSTID of the targeted radio must be entered. This is a four-digit hexadecimal number. Now the number of the databytes should be entered, followed by these databytes transmitted as ASCII-representation of the byte's hexadecimal value.

When all data has been entered and the packet has been sent, the ICradio will print the message "Packet Mode: Frame sent!". If there is some transmission error, the message

 Packet Mode: NACK!

will be printed; a successful transmission is indicated by the message

 Packet Mode: ACK

After sending the packet, the packet mode is leaved automatically.

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