Transparent UART Special Characters

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The transparent UART-Protocol transmits most characters directly between UART and radio. There are, however, a couple of characters in the uart-communication with a special meaning. All of the can be found in the following list.


Special characters transmitted by the ICradio

The ICradio support software handshaking while receiving characters. To do this, the character 0x11 (XON) and 0x13 (XOFF) are transmitted on the corresponding buffer-states. Software flow control will show sample code to handle these on the controller side.

Characters interpreted specially on receiving by the ICradio


If the controller sends the Character 0x14 (<Ctrl>+<T>) to the ICradio, this will enter the Transparent UART PacketTXMode.

Network Configuration

To change the ICradio's network configuration, the controller has to send the character 0x12 to the ICradio.

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