Updating ZWIR4512 Firmware

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To update the firmware of an ICradio ZWIR Module using an SAM9G45, the module can be programmed in system in most cases.




The requirements to do so are the following:

  • The ICradio UART is accessible on the ICnova
  • The bootselect and reset pins of the ICradio are either connected directly to the ICnova or can be set manually

If the pins are accessible as GPIOs, the corresponding GPIO-Numbers have to be known. These are referenced by their pin-names in the following text.


The Software needed to upload a new firmwarefile can be found at media:Icradio_update_bin.tar.bz2. The contents of this archive, especially the file icradio_update have to be accessible from the ICnova.

Configuration of the Updater

To update the firmware a suitable configurationfile must be present. To start with, the file example.conf from the archive can be used. The most important parameters in this file are:

  • device by default this uses ttyS1. If the ICradio is connected to another port or via USB, the correct tty has to be specified using this parameter
  • resetpin is the GPIO-number of the resetpin. This parameter has to be deleted, if the pin on the ICradio is toggled manually.
  • bspin is the GPIO-number of the bootselect pin. This parameter has to be deleted, if the pin on the ICradio is toggled manually.

Updating the Firmware

If the bs and resetpins are not connected via GPIOs, bring the board into bootloader-mode by following this sequence:

  • activate the reset-pin
  • activate the bootselect-pin
  • deselect the reset-pin
  • deselect the bootselect-pin

If the pins are connected using GPIOs, the sequence will be handled by the update-software. The firmwarefile itself should be present as a hex-file. Finally the firmware can be uploaded by using the following command:

 ./icradio_update -f example.com -F firmware.hex
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