radino32 driver installation on Windows 7

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How to install radino32 driver on Windows 7 properly.

  • Windows 7 usually installs the wrong driver for radino32 automatically - this guide shows how to remove the wrong driver and install the right one.

Uninstall wrong driver

  • Open the device manager
  • Within section USB-Controller look for STM Device in DFU Mode
    • If you formerly used another device from ST and installed a driver package, the device STM32_BOOTLOADER within another section might be the one to look for.
  • Right-click on that entry and choose Uninstall

  • In the upcoming window check the box and click OK

  • Now disconnect the radino32 from your PC (remove the USB connection)

Reconnect radino 32 carefully

  • reconnect your radino32 via USB to your PC - Windows 7 will now attempt to re-install the wrong driver

  • click on the pop-up window that appears on the bottom right (don't close it)

  • Click on the link to cancel driver-installation

  • and confirm

  • Windows driver installation was cancelled

Install new driver

  • Now run zadig driver installation to install radino32 driver

  • The installer recognizes the STM32 BOOTLOADER - now select libusbK and run Install Driver

  • The device-manager now shows your radino32 as STM32 BOOTLOADER within section libusbK USB Devices

  • The radino32 driver is now installed successfully on Windows 7
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