radino40 DW1000 Breakout

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radino40 DW1000 Breakout radino40 DW1000

The In-Circuit radino40 DW1000 Breakout is an application development board for the radino40 DW1000 module with additional peripherals.
It contains a 3.3V voltage regulator, USB micro connector, 6-Pin TC2030 TCX Plug-of-NailsTM SWD connector for programming and debugging, BMI160 low power IMU, LiPo/Li-Ion charger, 2 push butons, 3 LEDs, UWB- and Bluetooth®- antenna.
Many of the radino40's IOs are connected to two 16-pin headers with 2.54mm pitch. The headers are breadboard compatible, making the device a perfect development environment for radino40 DW1000.

radino40 DW1000


  • Development platform for radino40 DW1000
  • radino40 DW1000 module soldered on
  • Additional peripherals:
    • USB-Micro connector
    • 6-Pin TC2030 TCX Plug-of-NailsTM SWD connector
    • 3.3V voltage regulator
    • BMI160 low power IMU
    • LiPo/Li-Ion charger & battery voltage measurement circuit
    • 2 User butons
    • UWB- & Bluetooth®-chip-antenna
  • 2 breadboard-compatible, 16-pin headers


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