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The In-Circuit Radino Library contains sourcecode needed for using the radino Modules with the Arduino IDE.

Downloads can be found at the bottom of this page.

General information about the Arduino IDE and installation can be found on radino/radino32 software.

Further Documentation for the radino WiFi can be found at radino WiFi software.

Sketches Documentation

Documentation of example sketches for the radino, radino32 and radinoL4 series.

radino_rf_serial_bridge Serial to serial bridge over wireless (CC1101, RF69, RF233).
Compatible to radino32 modules.
dw1000_ranging_demo Adaption of the open source dw1000 ranging demo by Thomas Trojer for the radino32 DW1000 and radinoL4 DW1000.
dw1000_advanced_demo More accurate and efficient ranging demo for the radino32 DW1000 and radinoL4 DW1000.
LED example for the radino32 nRF8001 and radino nRF8001 based on the Nordic Semiconductor example ble_uart_project_template.

Arduino IDE version 1.8

Libraries and examples to utilize radino functionality using the Arduino IDE 1.8.3.

Add follow URL to your Additional Boards Manager URLs.


Current versions:

The Arduino IDE 1.8.3 with radino library via Boards Manager is tested with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Debian 9.0 (sid) (VM)
  • Lubuntu 17.04
  • macOS Sierra 10.12 (VM)

Newer versions of the Arduino IDE are untested so far.

The examples and libraries become visible as soon as the corresponding radino module is selected.

For more informations about installing visit: Install Arduino IDE 1.8.3 and radino library via Boards Manager

Arduino IDE version 1.6

Libraries and examples to utilize radino functionality using the Arduino IDE 1.6.1.

The library for radinoL4 is only available for Arduino Boards Manager (Arduino IDE version 1.8).

Updates will only be released for the Arduino Boards Manager (Arduino IDE version 1.8).

Release notes:

Version 26 - 23.05.2017

Download: ICT_Boards_V26_170523.zip

Version 25 - 21.04.2017

  • bugfix for radino32 USB-Load connections problems
  • update BLE library for radino32 nRF8001 use
  • new structure for examples
  • add ESP_Firmware_v7 for radino WiFi and radino32 WiFi
  • add new examples for radino and radino32 modules
  • add examples for radino RS485/RS232-Bridge
  • and other optimizations

Download: ICT_Boards_V25_170421.zip

Version 24 - 06.10.2016

  • stabilized radino32 USB serial
  • example sketch for the GW1000 with radino32 CC1101

Download: ICT_Boards_V24_161006.zip

Version 23 - 22.08.2016

Download: ICT_Boards_V23_160822.zip

Version 22 - 12.08.2016

  • Detect new Hardware Revision C which enabled SWD within library IC_CC1101

Download: ICT_Boards_V22_160812.zip

Version 21 - 19.07.2016

  • Add support for modes other than 8N1 to radino32 HardwareSerial
  • Add interface for user define buffersize to radino32 HardwareSerial
  • Fix cca missbehaviour in CC1101 library

Download: ICT_Boards_V21_160719.zip

Version 20 - 17.06.2016

Download: ICT_Boards_V20_160617.zip

Version 19 - 01.06.2016

  • repair tcp_push in examples
  • prepare examples and libraries for new radino32 WiFi Hardware
  • newest ESP Firmware
  • remove duplicate spider demo
  • fix some defines in radino32 hardware library

Download: ICT_Boards_V19_160601.zip

Version 18 - 03.05.2016

  • Fixed bug in IC_ESP for radino32

Download: ICT_Boards_v18_160503.zip

Version 17 - 18.03.2016

  • Removed sketch radino32/dw1000_ranging_spider in favor of a more general radino32/dw1000_ranging_demo.

Download: ICT_Boards_v17_160318.zip

Version 16 - 24.02.2016

  • Added sketch radino32/dw1000_ranging_spider. A dw1000 ranging demo optimized for antenna characteristics of our Spider boards.

Download: ICT_Boards_v16_160224.zip

Version 15 - 10.02.2016

Download: ICT_Boards_v15_160210.zip

Version 14 - 18.12.2015

  • IC_CC1101_Bridge - fix for possible freeze in very noisy environments

Download: ICT_Boards_v14_151218.zip

Version 13 - 15.12.2015

Download: ICT_Boards_v13_151215.zip

Version 12 - 11.12.2015

  • Added basic library IC_RF233 for radino RF233
  • Added library IC_RF233_Bridge - A frontend for the RF233 providing a serial like interface
  • Updated radino_rf_serial_bridge to support RF233
  • Added SPI and EEPROM classes to radino32 hardware library
  • Updated radino32 hardwareserial with tx buffer

Download: ICT_Boards_v12_151211.zip

Version 11 - 04.12.2015

  • Removed radino_CC1101_UART_Bridge
  • Updated library IC_CC1101 - CCA, frequency, datarate, power settable
  • Added library IC_CC1101_Bridge - A frontend for the CC1101 providing a serial like interface
  • Added radino_rf_serial_bridge - Example to utilize different radino modules as serial over wireless bridges

Download: ICT_Boards_v11_151204.zip

Version 10 - 17.07.2015

  • small fix in radino WiFi Spider demo website

Download: ICT_Boards_v10_150717.zip

Version 9 - 16.07.2015

  • New IC_ESP version: bugfix for certain HTTP set requests

Download: ICT_Boards_v9_150716.zip

Version 8 - 07.07.2015

  • New version of radino CC1101 UART Bridge. Now compatible to boards developed for radino32.

Download: ICT_Boards_v8_150707.zip

Version 7 - 29.06.2015

  • New IC_ESP version (including TCP Client, Telnet Server and bug fixes)
  • WiFi support for radino32.

Download: ICT_Boards_v7_150629.zip

Version 6 - 13.05.2015

  • Optimized GPIOs on radino32. It is now possible to set pins within 1 clock cycle.
  • Added examples for acessing GPIOs.

Download: ICT_Boards_v6_150513.zip

Version 5 - 28.04.2015

  • included example sketch to flash the ESP8266 firmware and communicate with this chip

Download: ICT_Boards_v5_150428.zip

Version 4 - 27.04.2015

  • included environment and drivers for the radino32

Download: ICT_Boards_v4_150427.zip

Version 3 - 27.03.2015

  • updated cc1101 uart bridge

Download: ICT_Boards_v3_150327.zip

Version 2 - 13.03.2015

  • fixed compiler issues with bluetooth library

Download: ICT_Boards_v2_150313.zip

Version 1 - 04.03.2015

  • Initial release of Arduino 1.6 compatible library
  • bootloaders and definitions of all current radinos
  • radino WiFi:
    • ESP firmware version 1 with IC_ESP library version 1
      • WiFi configuration
      • HTTP server
      • pushing TCP data to remote server
    • Example how to utilize current functionality "radino_WiFi_Spider_Factory"
    • Example pushing an analog value to a remote server "radino_WiFi_TCP_push"
  • other radinos:
    • migrated projects to IDE version 1.6

Download: ICT_Boards_v1_150304.zip

Arduino IDE version 1.0.x

Libraries and examples to utilize radino functionality using the Arduino IDE 1.0.x.


Current version: ICT_Boards_106.zip

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