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3Dino Delta 3D-Printer

The 3Dino is a low budget stand alone Delta 3D-Printer. The 3Dino comes with the RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller with SD-Card slot to execute G-Code files directly from SD-Card. So there is no PC needed to print models. In standard line-up it offers a 214x214mm PCB heat bed with a built volume of 200x200x250mm, 0.5mm Nozzle for 3mm Filament, Auto Bed Leveling function and printing speed up to 2500mm/min. The maximum possible build volume is a cylinder with cross-section-dimension of 360mm and a height of 250mm.


  • 100% Arduino Mega compatible controller board ICstep01
  • RepRap's Full Graphic Smart Controller with SD-Card Slot installed ( http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapDiscount_Full_Graphic_Smart_Controller)
  • 4x A4988 stepper drivers
  • 3x Nema17 step motor (axis)
  • 1x geared Nema17 step motor (extruder)
  • Mini ATX housing for ICstep01 with integrated 400W power supply
  • Compact bowden extruder for 3mm filament
  • Print head with 0.5mm nozzle
  • Auto bed leveling function integrated
  • 12/24V PCB heat bed MK2B


  • Edge length: ~620mm (triangular base)
  • Height of skeletal structure: 950mm
  • Height with superstructure: 1200mm
  • Dimensions heat bed: 214x214mm
  • Print volume with heat bed: 200x200x250mm (bed can be remover/replaced for bigger build volume)
  • Max. build volume: circular, 360mm cross-section-dimension, 270mm height
  • Resolution: 200um
  • Printing speed: tested up to 2500mm/min
  • Weight: ~20kg


  • Calibrated Marlin firmware installed
  • We recommend Simplify 3D as slicing and printing software (https://www.simplify3d.com)
  • We offer Simplify 3D print profiles for selected filaments


Quickstart Guide

To start printing with your 3Dino, just a few steps have to be done:

  • To slice your 3D-Model, open Simplify 3D on your PC and import your STL- or OBJ-file
  • Click on "Add" in the "Processes" field to add a process for your model
  • Import the 3Dino print-profile for the filament you use by clicking on "Import"
  • Modify the print-profile to satisfy your needs (infill, support,...)
  • Slice your 3D-Model and turn it into G-Code by clicking on "Prepare to Print!"
  • Save your G-Code on a FAT-formated SD Card by clicking on "Save Toolpaths to Disk"
  • Carefully unpack your 3Dino
  • Plug in the power supply of your 3Dino and switch on the main switch
  • Insert the SD Card into the SD-Card Slot at the left side of the display
  • Enter the menu of the 3Dino by pressing the knob once and choose "prepare" -> "Auto home" to home your printer and hit "preheat PLA" to heat up the printer
  • Wait until nozzle and bed are heated up
  • Enter the menu and hit "print from SD" and choose the G-Code file you would like to print
  • The printer will start Auto Bed Leveling and printing

You can either print from SD-Card or directly via USB. To print via USB you have to connect your 3Dino to your PC via USB and connect it with Simplify 3D:

  • Click on "Tools" in the menu bar and open the Machine Control Panel
  • Choose the Port to wich the 3Dino is connected
  • Select a Baudrate of 115200 and click "Connect"

To Print via USB follow the steps above until slicing your model

  • After slicing your model hit "Begin Printig over USB"
  • Notice that you should first preheat your Printer using the Machine Control Panel

Change Filament

To change the filament follow the steps below:

  • Auto home and heat up your printer (see above)
  • Wait until nozzle is heated up
  • Pull out the filament while pushing aside the tighterner of the extruder with your thumb
  • To easily insert the new filament you can either cut the pit diagonal or point it by heating up the filament a few centimeters behind the tip with a lighter and pulling the tip away to thin the filament at the heated spot. By cutting of the thick part you get an easy insertable needle like tip.
  • Insert the new filament while pushing aside the tighterner until the filament hits the nozzle
  • Extrude filament as long as no more leftovers of the old filament are visible by entering the menue and choosing "Prepare" -> "Move axis" -> "Move 1mm" -> "Extruder" and turning the knob to the left step by step

Emergency stop

To stop the printer in case of an emergency, hit the pushbutton below the Display. Notice that the printer will be reset so your print progress is getting lost.


Here are some example prints we printed with our 3Dino Printer

radinoDIY BlindsController oragne-offen.jpg Leonardo Gehaeuse.jpg radino watch logo+radinocc 640.jpg 3D Makerbot schrauben.jpg watch gehäuse eckig.jpg pulley 5mm weiss vortube.jpg


Datasheet 3Dino
Simplify 3D print profiles PLA 3mm black 500.050.zip
Simplify 3D print profiles PLA 3mm orange 500.049.zip
Simplify 3D print profiles PLA 3mm white 500.048.zip

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