DIN Rail Relais 6I6S

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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life



DIN Rail Relais 6I6S - 6 Chanel Relais Module

DIN Rail Relais 6I6S

The device DIN Rail Relais 6I6S is equipped with an ATXMEGA 128µC.


  • ATXMEGA 128µC
  • 6x Binary input (24 - 230V AC/DC)
  • 6x Relais output (COM, NO, NC), switching power: 230V/5A
  • Each 1x UART for uplink and downlink
  • 1x RS485 via BUS connector
  • Arbitrary number of modules mountable side by side
  • Easy connection of all modules with BUS connector
  • All modules can communicate via UART and RS485
  • DIN-Rail enclosure: 6 pitch units (div)
  • Other DIN-Rail modules available
  • Input voltage: 24V DC
  • Tempearture range from -10°C to +70°C

Railbus Registers / Sub addresses

Communicating via the DIN Rail BUS Protocol, the DIN Rail Relais 6I6S implements the following registers.

Relais and IO Registers

SADR data 31-22 data 21-16 data 15-6 data 5-0 Commad
0 0 DIGIN 5-0 0 RELAIS 5-0 R
0 0 0 0 RELAIS 5-0 W
1 0 DIGIN 5-0 0 RELAIS 5-0 R
1 0 0 0 RELAIS 5-0 W

The upper 16 bit represent the inputs, the lower 16 bits are for output state. Only the each lower 6 bits are use (6I6S means 6x In and 6x Set).

On reading, the current status of all Pins is transmitted. If the first relais is on, bit 0 is set. If the second relais is on, bit 1 is set, and so on.

On writing only the 6 lowest bits are interpreted, and the relais set accordingly.

Writing to SADR 0 sets the relais only temporary. After a power-cycle all relais will be set to their initial state. This can be set by writing to SADR 1. In this case the state is set and stored in EEProm.

Common Railbus Registers

Factory Reset
SADR Read Write 31 - 0 valid values
0xFA - X special value 0x1F2E3D4C

writing the special value to this register resets all ralais to off

Railbus Baudrate
SADR Read Write 31 - 0 valid values
0xFE X X baudrate 0, 9600(0x2580), 57600(0xE100), 115200(0x1C200)

writing 0x0 results in the baudrate set to 9600b/s

Railbus Communication Settings
SADR Read Write 31 30 29 - 0 valid values
0xFE X X Suppress CRNL Suppress output reserved yes or no (1 or 0)
Device ID and Address
SADR Read Write 31 - 8 7 - 0 valid values
0xFF X - Device ID Device Address -
0xFF - X - Device Address new device address


Datasheet DIN Rail Relais 6I6S

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