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The ICstep01 is a controllerboard for 3D printer. It based on an ATmega2560 von Atmel und is usable like an Arduino Mega2560. The ICstep01 has an preinstalled Arduino compatible bootloader and is programmable with the Arduino IDE via an USB cable.




  • Arduino compatible, works like an Arduino Mega2560
  • Arduino compatible bootloader preinstalled
  • Supports "Marlin" firmware fpr 3D printer
  • miniITX form factor
  • Power supply via 400 Watt ATX PSU
  • External power supply up to 35VDC for extruder, head bed and stepper driver possible
  • JTAG/ISP for ATmega2560
  • 5x Slot for A4988 stepper motor driver
  • 2x Fan for stepper motor driver
  • 3x PWM output for pressure nozzle
  • 1x PWM output for heat bed
  • 4x Relay output
  • 3x 15A fuse integrated
  • 1x Connector for Full Graphic Smart Controller / RepRapDiscount LED Smart Controller
  • 6x End stop Input
  • 4x Servo output
  • 8x Analog input
  • 3x Thermistor input
  • GPIOs, UART, SPI, I2C at pinheader

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver


A4988 Stepper Motor Driver 3D Printer Carrier For RepRap Ramps. Complete with pin header and heat sink. Stepper Motor Driver mit Allegro's A4988 DMOS Microstepping Driver. Please read the datasheet of A4998 carefully! This Driver can control motors up to 2A per phase.

  • for Stepper Motors with phsae current of 2A (e.g. NEMA17 Motors for 3D printer)
  • complete with soldered pin header and heat sink
  • compatible with Arduino RepRap Ramps
  • made in Germany!


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