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Anchor for Ranging / RTLS applications with radino32 DW1000 Ultra Wide Band module.

DW1000 Anchor


  • radino32 DW1000 module
  • Integrated UWB antenna
  • Vin 9-48V DC
  • Enclosure IP 65
  • RS485 Interface for data and setup
  • 1x Relay 10A/250VAC, NC/NO-function switchable by jumper
  • Connection: RS485(A/B/GND), Vin(9-48V), GND, 2xRelay


The DW1000 Anchor is shipped programmed with a closed source firmware based on the dw1000 advanced demo from our radino Library.

Extended functionality of the DW1000 Anchor firmware

  • Data is written out on the RS485 connection
  • If a TAG is within a configurable distance, the relay is triggered

Working with the firmware command mode

  • Connect the DW1000 Anchor to your PC via RS485 (e.g. USB-RS485-Bridge)
  • Connect VCC (9-48 V) and GND to DW1000 Anchor
  • Start a terminal program (e.g. PuTTY, HTerm, Hyperterminal, ...) with 57600 baud and 8N1
  • After opening the connection type "m" and press <Enter> once to display the menu
F)orceTag:0  C)han:5  X)Str:27.5  P)ol:On  D)ist:2.0  T)ableOut:Y  R)eload  S)tore  Q)uit

Available commands

All commands will be send by <Enter>.

  • toggle between Anchor and Tag mode (0==Anchor,1==Tag)
  • set channel to X. (Valid values: 1,2,3,4,5,7)
  • set tx power to YY.Z dB (Range 0 to 33.5 steps of 0.5)
  • toggle state of relais when a tag is within distance
  • set distance below which a tag is considered near (XXX is the value in 10ths of a meter)
    • example: d55 <Enter> sets the distance to 5.5 meters
  • toggle if information is printed as table (Y) or as single measurements (N)
  • reload last stored values from EEPROM
  • store current configuration to EEPROM
  • leave command mode

Output formats

Table output format:

Type Address Range  Battery OthRxP     OurRxP     (ADDR=1815) E
2    1979    1.42 m 4.14 V  -63.23 dBm -62.58 dBm
  • ADDR=1815 means we are the Anchor with ID 1815
  • Type 2 means tag
  • Address is the tags ID
  • Range is the distance to the tag in m
  • Battery is the current battery voltage the tag measures
  • OthRxP is the Received Signal Strength Indication reported by the distant device
  • OurRxP is the Received Signal Strength Indication our DW1000 measured

Single output format:

  • $RAN - Header
  • Milliseconds since Anchor power up
  • ID of the tag
  • Distance to the tag in meters
  • Batterylevel the tag measures
  • RSSI of the connection reported by the distant device
  • RSSI of the connection reported measured by our DW1000


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