GW1000 radino Ethernet Bridge

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GW1000 - Ethernet to Funk Bridge for radino32

General Information


All radino32 radio modules are usable with the GW1000. We offer an Arduino Sketch that gives an Example of getting an IP via DHCP and send UDP Packets via Ethernet. That ease the development of your own radio-Gateway.


  • 1x 10/100MBit Ethernet via ENC82J60 SPI-to-Ethernet
  • 1x USB-Mini for Power-Supply


Within the GW1000 radino32 modules are employed. These are programmable with user defined Firmware by utilizing our radino Library.


Datasheet: Datasheet GW1000 radino Ethernet Bridge
Arduino library for GW1000 radino Ethernet Bridge:

  • How to import a .zip library to Arduino:

Demo for GW1000 with radino32 CC1101:

  • Unzip and copy to your Arduino Sketchbook folder.

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