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The ICDWpro system provides support for inter-human distancing. The system consists of compact units, the quad tags. Every individual to be traced, needs to wear a tag. The tags constantly measure the distances to other tags nearby. If the distance between two tags falls below certain thresholds, an event is triggered and stored internally. Several types of events for different distances and durations of encounters can be defined. In addition, the tags can provide acoustical (buzzer), optical (LED red-green), and haptical (Vibration) feedback, depending on their configuration.

Every tag is able measure the distances to every other tags individually. The system does not require any infrastructure or configuration on site.

The ICDWpro Master is the brain of the system. It is user to assign tag-IDs to wearer's IDs such as tickets or ID-Cards. Once scanned, a tag-ID and a wearer's ID are linked and stored either in an internal or external database. After use, while the tag is recharging, the tag's stored events are transmitted to the ICDWpro Master and stored in the database as well. This information can be used to retrace patterns of all tags and follow up critical encounters between tags.

Distance measuring is done using UWB (Ultra Wide Band). The accuracy of distances is below 0.1 meters.

The firmware is customizable (event types, critical distances, alarm type, etc.) Please contact us for more Information.

We offer a freely configurable small case for convenient transportation and recharging of up to 32 tags or other hardware, as well as a bigger case for charging and transportation of up to 105 tags.

A list of the available ICDWpro hardware can be found below.


ICDWpro quad 133643 ICDWpro quad 164643 ICDWpro Master

Device Pictures Description
ICDWpro quad 133643
ICDWpro quad133643 top match 640.jpg
ICDWpro quad133643 bot 640.jpg
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery: 450mAh
  • Typ. battery life: ca. 8h
  • Size: 43 x 36/41.5* x 13mm (*incl. hanger)
  • Weight: 22g
ICDWpro quad 164643
ICDWpro quad164643 top match 640.jpg
ICDWpro quad164643 bot 640.jpg
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery: 1000mAh
  • Typ. battery life: ca. 16h
  • Size: 43 x 46/51.5* x 16mm (*incl. hanger)
  • Weight: 34g
ICDWpro Master
ICDWpro Server 7 Zoll grau Verlauf front 1000.jpg
ICDWpro Server 7 Zoll back 1000.jpg
  • 7 Touch Display
  • Integrated radio interface for communication with tags
  • Ports: 6x USB (4x USB2.0, 2x USB3.0), 1xLAN (PoE capable), 2x HDMI-micro, 1x USB-C (power supply), 3.5mm audio jack
  • Power Supply via PoE or USB-C (5V, 3A)
  • universal ICMount mounting system
  • Size: 198 x 115 x 46mm
  • Weight: 470g


Overview ICDWpro Setup

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