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The ICMount system consists of several mounting arms, brackets and adapters. It is compatible to numerous IC products. Every component of the system provides a universal interface plate to connect to other components. The assembly is largely tool-free; all parts snap into place.


The system's components are listed below.

Component Pictures Description Order#
ICMount wall bracket Anchor Wallmount 0deg 45 1000.jpg Anchor Wallmount 0deg top 1000.jpg
  • base component of the system
  • can be attached using
    • screws (<= 5mm diameter flat head)
    • able ties
    • double sided tape
    • construction adhesive
  • Size: 76x70x11mm
  • female interface plate
ICMount mounting arm, adjustable in 4-axis
Montagearm 45 Grad 1000.jpg
Montagearm side 1000.jpg
  • Size: 76x70x140mm
  • male interface plate
  • female interface plate
ICMount, Angle Bracket 5-30°
5 degrees 45 1000.jpg
5 degrees with anchor 1000.jpg
  • male interface plate -> female Interface plate
  • Availlable in angles

5°: 309.053C
10°: 309.053D
15°: 309.053E
20°: 309.053F
25°: 309.053G
30°: 309.053H

ICMount adapter quad164643
quad164643 Halter Montageplatte 45 grad 1000.jpg
quad164643 Halter Montageplatte Halter Oberflächenmontage 45 grad wall 1000.jpg
  • female interface plate
quad164643 surface mounting bracket
quad164643 Halter Oberflächenmontage 1000.jpg
quad164643 Halter Oberflächenmontage front with Tag 1000.jpg
  • can be attached using
    • screws (<= 4mm diameter countersink head)
    • double sided tape
    • construction adhesive

All devices compatible to the ICMount system are listed below.

Compatible Devices

Component Pictures Description
ICDWpro Server with 7" Display
ICDWpro Server 7 Zoll 45grad display Scanner Tool 1000.jpg
ICDWpro Server 7 Zoll back 1000.jpg
ICDWpro Server
ICDWpro Server 45 2 1000.jpg
ICDWpro Server bottom 640.jpg
IC DHCP Server
IC DHCP-Server 45 640.jpg
IC DHCP Server bottom 640.jpg

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