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General Information


Attitude Heading Reference System with Wi-Fi/Serial and high-cap accumulator, optional with pressure sensors

The ICflyAHRSII is an Atitude Heading Reference System. It continuously monitors its orientation and transmits all orientation related data via Wi-Fi or Serial Port to your target device (e.g. mobile phone / tablet).

Furthermore the ICflyAHRSII can function as an interface between your target device and several avionics like an auto pilot or the ADS-B/FLARM® collision avoidance system.

The professionally calibrated 3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers lead to precise and reliable atitude and heading information.

The ICflyAHRSII can be upgraded with pressure sensors for static and dynamic pressure, to provide precise altitude and speed information.



  • Roll: ±180°, Resolution 0.1°, 10Hz Refresh Rate
  • Pitch: ± 90°, 0.1° , 10Hz Refresh Rate
  • Magnetic heading 0° to 360°, 0.1° , 10Hz
  • Slip Angle (Inclination) ±90°, 0.1°, 10Hz
  • Turn Rate (turn coordinator) ±2000°/s max.
  • G Meter: ±16g
  • Altimeter: calculated from static pressure input, output in ft (with optional pressure sensors)
  • Climb rate: calculated from static pressure input, output in f/min (with optional pressure sensors)
  • IAS: calculated from dynamic pressure input (connect to Pitot-Static system of Aircraf), output in kts, Res. 1 kt (with optional pressure sensors)
  • Pressure fitings 1/8” 5mm hose fittings for pressure inputs (with optional pressure sensors)
  • Internal rechargeable battery: more than 10 hours of operation time
  • - charging cycle of less than 8 hours
  • - charge from 8-24VDC or USB-Micro with provided adapter

Integrated Accessories:

  • Micro-USB Adapter with button for Stand-alone use
  • 1950mAh LiPo

Compatible Apps

The ICflyAHRSII is compatible with several mobile applications that are listed in the datasheet (Downloads). When these apps get updated, the compatibility with ICflyAHRSII might be affected.

We therefore provide an overview of verified & tested combinations of ICflyAHRSII Firmware, mobile devices and applications:

Firmwareversion Mobile Device Operating System Mobile Application Version Known bugs
1.09 iPhone 5S iOS 10.1.1 ICfly Instrument (Link) 0.9.2
Sky-Map (Link) 2.37
Sky-Map (Link) 2.40
1.09 iPhone 5S iOS 10.3.3 ICfly Instrument (Link) 0.9.2
Sky-Map (Link) 2.40
1.09 iPad Mini 2 iOS 10.3.2 ICfly Instrument (Link) 0.9.2
Sky-Map (Link) 2.38
Sky-Map (Link) 2.40
1.09 Google Nexus 5X Android 6.0.1 Sky-Map for Android(Link) 1.55


Please refer to the datasheet - Section 13: "Firmwareupdate via SD-Card" for instructions.

The firmware of the ICflyAHRSII can be updated via SD-Card. This functionality is available since firmware version 1.05.

Please refer to the table below for all available firmware-updates.

Firmwareversion Description Downloadlink

1.12 IP-Address made user-configurable Download
1.11 skipped skipped
1.10 Improve WLAN stability
Timeout for Accel Calibration
AHRS to WLAN Switch
1.09 Improve WLAN performance
1.08 Compatibility for iOS10
(Update IP to
1.07 Add Deviation Table functionality
1.06 Improve WLAN stability
1.05 Add Firmwareupdate functionality


Datasheet ICflyAHRSII (german)
How to configure a TRX-1500 to work with an ICflyAHRSII
Drilling plan for ICflyAHRSII

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