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General Information


Dual bidirectional RS-232-to Wi-Fi bridge

The ICflyConnect is a bidirectional RS-232-to Wi-Fi bridge. It links between the ICfly Bus and up to 3 Wi-Fi-capable, mobile device.

The ICflyConnect sets up an encoded access point according to IEEE802.11 b/g standard. It pushes the ICfly Bus' data to the Wi-Fi Network via TCP. The ICflyConnect can establish up to three TCP connections simultaneously.

In cooperation with a suitable app (eg. Sky-Map) your mobile device is enabled to display data of an ICflyMotorbox 912 or of a traffic sensor.

The ICflyConnect has two bidirectional RS-232 interfaces, with individually configurable speeds.

The ICflyConnect offers an intuitive, webbrowser-based configuration menu.


  • ICfly Bus Connector male
  • 2x bidirectional RS232 to Wi-Fi-bridge
  • encodede Wi-Fi access point according to IEEE802.11 b/g standard
  • up to 3 TCP connections simmultaneously
  • intuitive browser-based configuration menu


Datasheet ICflyConnect (german)

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