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ICnova A20 SODIMM - high performance dual CORTEX-A7 SODIMM-200 compute module


The ICnova A20 SODIMM is a SoC compute module equipped with an Allwinner A20 CPU. It operates with an ARM dual CORTEX-A7 core with 1GHz CPU clock.


  • Allwinner A20 dual Cortex-A7 processor with 1GHz CPU clock
  • up to 1GB DDR3-RAM
  • integrated 10/100 MBit Ethernet PHY
  • power management unit
  • all peripherals are accessible on connectors
  • easy to use SODIMM-200 module (2.5V Version)
  • temperature range from 0°C to +70°C

Suitable application development boards

In-Circuit offers a wide range of Application Development Boards that can be used to develop your products and solutions while reducing your development time.

These evaluation boards help you to evaluate the features and performance of selected products and system solutions. Our evaluation boards demonstrate optimized and tested solutions for your application design. These boards are designed mainly for your evaluation, design and testing purposes.

Basically all our ADBs feature: Ethernet, USB-Host, USB_Device, SDC
Exceptions to this are listed in the Notes column of the following table.

The table below shows the suitable Application Development Boards (ADB) for the ICnova A20 SODIMM.

ADB Picture Supply voltage Main features Notes
ICnova ADB4006
ICnova ADB4006 45.jpg
5V DC HDMI connector, Ethernet, SATA interface, Analog audio input/output


The ICnova A20 SODIMM is supported by the official Buildroot, Kernel and U-Boot, support has been added with the corresponding releases listed in the table below:

Buildroot 2023.11 https://buildroot.org/
Kernel 6.5 https://kernel.org/
U-Boot v2024.01 https://u-boot.org/

The ICnova A20 SODIMM features an on-board hardware-bootloader which can boot the module from SD-Card.

To build new software for the ICnova A20 SODIMM on an ICnova_ADB4006 a buildroot environment must be prepared following the official documentation on https://buildroot.org/docs.html.

Then proceed to build the software by following the steps listed below:

buildroot$ make clean
buildroot$ make icnova-a20-adb4006_defconfig
buildroot$ make

The generated software image can then be flashed onto a SD-Card (e.g. located at /dev/sdc):

buildroot$ sudo dd if=output/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sdc bs=4096

Then insert the SD-Card into the ICnova_ADB4006.

The ICnova A20 SODIMM on an ICnova_ADB4006 will then boot from the SD-Card and provide a linux console on the serial interface. Login as "root" for which no password is set.


Datasheet ICnova A20 SODIMM

EU conformity ICnova A20 SODIMM

Sompi Eagle Lib

A20 Datasheet & Reference Manual on Github

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