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The open source Blinds Controller is an exemplary smart home Application using our radino Modules.
With this device and one of our radino Modules you can build up a radio interface for your electrical blind, garage door, window opener,...
Due to the fact that our radino Modules are Arduino compatible, you are able to develope your own control algorithm in the Arduino IDE.
The device fits inside a standard 60mm flush-mounted socket.
load 3D data of enclosure from thingiverse


  • integriated universal AC/DC mains adapter:
    • input:
      • 180 — 260V AC
    • output:
      • 10.7V not galvanically isolated (ribble voltage: max. 100mV)
      • 1,2W constant load
      • short-circuit-proof
  • suitable for all radino Modules
  • 2x relais (1x on/off switch & 1x toggle switch in series)
  • switching capacity:
    • max. 250V/6A AC
    • max. 30V/6A DC
  • 2x inputs
  • temperature sensor
  • Arduino kompatible


The core of radino is an Arduino Micro, so the programming is as easy as programming an Arduino Micro.
Visit radino software for more information about the Arduino IDE.

Demo Software Open Source Blinds Controller


Deliverable Open Source Blinds Controller

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