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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life


radino Xbee Shield with RP-SMA connector radino Xbee Shield bottom view radino Xbee view of RP-SMA connector

The radino XBee-Pro Shield adapts our radino and radino32 modules to the XBee-Pro format. It enables to use our radino Modules on every XBee Pro compatible socket. The radino XBee-Pro Shield includes the typicall Arduino LEDs RX, TX and IO13. It offers a Micro USB socket as well as the ISP-Interface of the radino. The remaining IOs of the radino Module are available on the two, XBee compatible 10-pin multi-pin connectors. Radino32 Modules can be reprogrammed by connecting the BOOT-SEL Pin to +3V3 while reseting the module (shorting P14 and P15, see Schematic).


  • XBee footprint
  • Arduino compatible
  • typical Arduino LEDs: Rx, Tx, IO13
  • Reset button
  • MicroUSB socket
  • ISP-Interface
  • RP-SMA antenna connector


The core of all radino Modules is an Arduino Micro, so the programming is as easy as programming an Arduino Micro.
Visit radino/radino32 software for more information about the Arduino IDE and installation.

For detailed information about our library for the Arduino IDE look at the radino Library documentation.


Datasheet XBee-PRO Shield
Schematic XBee-PRO Shield
Datasheet antennas
Downloadpage for radino library

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