radino DinRail Adapter

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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life


radino DinRail Adapter

The In-Circuit radino DinRail Adapter incorporates a RS485 driver and
a radino module socket to connect any radino module to the Din Rail Bus.

Combined with radino, this adapter is completely Arduino compatible.


  • Arduino compatible
  • Arbitrary number of modules mountable side by side
  • Easy connection of all modules with BUS connector
  • All modules can communicate via RS485
  • DIN-Rail enclosure: 1 pitch unit (div)
  • User LED, RX/TX LEDs and power LED
  • Input voltage: 24 V DC
  • Temperature range from -10 °C to +70 °C


The core of radino is an Arduino Micro, so the programming is as easy as programming an Arduino Micro.
Visit radino/radino32 software for more information about the Arduino IDE and installation.

For detailed information about our library for the Arduino IDE look at the radino Library documentation.


Datasheet radino DinRail Adapter
Schematic radino DinRail Adapter
Datasheet antennas
Downloadpage for radino library

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