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radino RFID


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The In-Circuit radino RFID is a RIFD reader for 13.56 MHz based on the In-Circuit radino-series. The In-Circuit radino RFID reads a RFID tag and send the ID to another radino32 with the same radio chip.

The In-Circuit radino RFID comes with a preinstalled radino32 module. The In-Circuit radino RFID required an antenna with 13.56 MHz (e.g. radino RFID antenna) and a antenna for the radino32 module.


  • Arduino compatible by radino32 module
  • Usable with all radino32 modules
  • Voltage Input between 5V and 24V
  • Eight free programmable GPIOs (Two used by LEDs in combination with the RFID antenna)
  • STM32L151CC by STMicroelectronics with 32-bit ARM┬« Cortex┬«-M3 CPU
  • 256 kbyte Flash, 32 kbyte RAM, 8 kbyte EEPROM
  • Low Power RTC


With our Arduino Library for radino the preinstalled radino32 becomes fully Arduino-compatible, which enables easy programming by using the Arduino IDE (http://www.arduino.cc/).
For the Arduino IDE Boards Manager follow URL is required:


Visit radino/radino32 software for more information about the Arduino IDE and installation.

For detailed information about our library for the Arduino IDE look at the radino Library documentation.

Common problems regarding radino modules and the Arduino system: Common problems

radino RFID antenna


radino RFID antenna
radino RFID antenna

The In-Circuit radino RFID antenna is a flush-mounted 13.56 MHz RIFD antenna for the radino RFID.


  • Flush-mounted RFID antenna for 13.56 MHz
  • Two programmable leds
  • Six free programmable radino RFID GPIOs
  • Same pinout as radino RFID


Datasheet radino RFID
Datasheet radino RFID antenna
Downloadpage for radino library

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