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How to setup the Arduino IDE for use with the radino modules.


Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE

radino support files

Downloadpage for radino library

  • Unzip the downloaded file, after it you now have two folders (hardware and libraries) and a file (README.txt):

Arduino Files

  • Now copy both folders into your main Arduino-Sketch folder.
    This folder was specially defined during installation or has one of the following default paths (english and german):
My Documents\Arduino
C:\Documents and Settings\yourUserName\My Documents\Arduino
Eigene Dateien\Arduino
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\ihrBenutzerName\Eigene Dateien\Arduino
C:\Benutzer\ihrBenutzerName\Eigene Dateien\Arduino

radino connection

  • The Figure shows minimal USB setup:

radino Wiring

driver and serial port

  • When first using radino, a driver installation is required.
    If asked for the driver, just point the driver installer tool to the radino driver folder:

radino Driver

  • Your computer now assigns a serial port.You can see a new com port in windows device manager:

radino Port

sketch upload

  • Open Arduino IDE and select one of the variuos available example sketches for radino:

Arduino IDE Example

  • Choose your corresponding radino to which you want to upload the sketch:

Arduino IDE Board

  • Select the corresponding serial port

Arduino IDE Port

  • upload your sketch

Arduino IDE Upload

  • open the serial monitor to communicate with radino

Arduino IDE Monitor


  • When experiencing problems while uploading, try one of the following methods to fix communication problems of the Arduino IDE.
  • 1. After clicking "Compile & Upload", double-press the reset button of your radino. This will force your radino to enter the bootloader.
  • 2. Disconnect your radino, close all Arduino IDE windows, reconnect your radino and then start the Arduino IDE again.
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