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the AVD manager - AVD is an acronym for Android Virtual Devices - can be used to setup up and handle different configurations for the android emulator.


To open the AVD manager, click Window->Android SDK and AVD Manager.

To create a new device, click New.... To use it along with an ICnova ADB4000, the following settings should be met:

  • Name: adb4000_5in
  • Target: Android 1.6 - API Level 4
  • SD Card Size: 128MB
  • Resolution: 800x480

Android avd.png

Clicking Create AVD the new virtual device will be created. Afterwards the device can be choosen and started by clicking Start.... The first start of a new device needs a longer duration of time to configure all parameters within the device. Afterwards a Window is appearing, showing the content of the Devices Display.

Android avd startup.png

After Android was started, the Android Desktop is appearing

Android avd home.png

Using the SDK-Tools, the debugging interface of the virtual device can be accessed, eg. to see logging messages in the terminal. To start the terminal, a command line has to be started and the command c:\path\to\android-sdk\tools\adb.exe shell executed.

A Sharp (#) is signaling the Android Device's terminal. Executing the command logcat here, will show the current logging output from the system and running applications.

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