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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life





The power of a complete Linux System paired with the flexibility of a tightly coupled FPGA.

The board is ready to go and only requires a single power supply voltage between 3.3V and 5V. The Linux Kernel is 100% open source and can either be downloaded or ordered as a CD.

A complete reference design for the FPGA is also available. Using an ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN module, the development of the main-board can be kept simple and low-cost by avoiding a multi-layer board design.


  • Atmel ARM9 AT91SAM9G45B processor with up to 400 MHz CPU clock
  • 128MB DDR2-RAM
  • 1MB NOR-Flash
  • 256MB NAND Flash
  • 1xHigh speed (480MBit) USB Host
  • 1xHigh speed (480MBit) USB Device (configurable by software as 2nd Host)
  • voltage regulators for 3.3V and 1.8V core voltage
  • all peripherals are accessible on connectors
  • extreme compact design with 40x35mm overall size
  • SPARTAN 3AN FPGA from Xilinx
  • 256MB DDR2 RAM connected directly to the FPGA
  • 222 IOs available on the Hirose connectores, most of them supporting LVDS high speed channels
  • The FPGA is mapped into the G45′s memory space through a 32bit wide interface
  • The ARM is capable to configure and flash the FPGA

Suitable application development boards

In-Circuit offers a wide range of Application Development Boards that can be used to develop your products and solutions while reducing your development time.

These evaluation boards help you to evaluate the features and performance of selected products and system solutions. Our evaluation boards demonstrate optimized and tested solutions for your application design. These boards are designed mainly for your evaluation, design and testing purposes.

Basically all our ADBs feature: Ethernet, USB-Host, USB_Device, SDC
Exceptions to this are listed in the Notes column of the following table.

The table below shows the suitable Application Development Boards (ADB) for the ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN OEM.

ADB Picture Supply voltage Main features Notes
ICnova ADB3000
ICnova ADB3000.jpg
5V DC TFT Touchscreen connector, I2C, integrated OpenOCD adapter and UART Bridge, GPIO pin headers EoL


All Modules provided by In-Circuit usally have a Buildroot based system preinstalled, so they can be used out of the box.
Login as "root" for which no password is set.

If you are new to kernel building please refer to First Steps with Buildroot.

The board support package contains all sources required to build the linux image for the ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN OEM on the main ADB.
The most recent version is listed at the bottom of this page. Other versions can be found on the Downloads page.

Generally the bootloaders on our modules are configured to loook for a bootable linux image on the SD-Card and only boot from flash if none is found.

On the ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN OEM the bootloader u-boot is preinstalled on the on-board flash.

More information on the FPGA reference design as well as design services are available from our partner: www.loginovo.com

Take a look at our HowTo Category for some further information.


Most recent board support package

Datasheet ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN OEM

Pinout ICnova SAM9G45+XC3S700AN OEM

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