First Steps with Buildroot

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Getting the files

Get buildroot files as described in Getting Buildroot.

Set up buildroot

Copy desired board configuration from the directory configs as described in Configuring Buildroot.

Build the project



The CrossToolchain and software for the module selected are generated.

Configure the project

After the first build additional parameters can be edited as described in Configuring Buildroot.

View the results

Your generated files are stored in the output directory as described under Buildroot directories.

Put the system on the module

To get this Kernel on your system put the generated uImage, a ramdisk made as described in Booting From SDCard, and a rootfs tar.gz on a SD-Card.
Insert the SD-Card in your module an power it on. The moudle boots your newly created Kernel and loads the ramImage as root filesystem.

You can now write the Kernel and filesystem to internal flash as described under the Filesystems Category.
i.E After making sure you will use the correct partitions flash Kernel as described in Kernelimage and the rootfs following Flashfilesystem UBIFS.

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