ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM

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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life



ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM - high end Cortex SODIMM-200 module

ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM

The device ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM is equipped with a Freescale i.MX535 MCU. It operates with an Cortex-A8 core at 1GHz CPU clock.


  • Freescale i.MX535 Cortex-A8 processor with up to 1GHz CPU clock
  • 512 MByte DDR3-RAM
  • 8 MByte parallel NOR-Flash for fast booting
  • 4 GByte NAND Flash
  • integrated 10/100 MBit Ethernet PHY
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB Host+Device, SATA, UARTs, SPIs, LCD (TTL and LVDS), Camera IF...
  • all voltage regulators on board, Input voltage should be 5V+-10%
  • all peripherals are accessible on connectors
  • easy to use SODIMM-200 module (2.5V-Version)
  • Commercial temperature range from -20°C to +70°C
  • long term availability (>5 years)

Suitable evaluation boards

In-Circuit offers a wide range of Application Development Boards that can be used to develop your products and solutions while reducing your development time.

These evaluation boards help you to evaluate the features and performance of selected products and system solutions. Our evaluation boards demonstrate optimized and tested solutions for your application design. These boards are designed mainly for your evaluation, design and testing purposes.

Basically all our ADBs feature: Ethernet, USB-Host, USB_Device, SDC
Exceptions to this are listed in the Notes column of the following table.

The table below shows the suitable Application Development Boards (ADB) for the ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM.

ADB Picture Supply voltage Main features Notes
ICnova ADB4001
24V DC PSoC µC io-extender, DVI connector, 7" Touch display, RS485, RS232, CAN, 2xADC, DAC, Relays out, Buzzer, Soundcard, Video IN, 2xSDC, 2x socket for ICradio-ZWIR4512-OEM modules No Hardware CAN with iMX535


All Modules provided by In-Circuit usally have a Buildroot based system preinstalled, so they can be used out of the box.
Login as "root" for which no password is set.

If you are new to kernel building please refer to First Steps with Buildroot.

The board support package contains all sources required to build the linux image for the ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM on the ICnova ADB4001.
The most recent version is listed at the bottom of this page. Other versions can be found on the Downloads page.

Generally the bootloaders on our modules are configured to loook for a bootable linux image on the SD-Card and only boot from flash if none is found.

On the ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM the bootloader barebox is preinstalled on the on-board flash.


Most recent board support package

Pinout ICnova i.MX535 SODIMM

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