Updating an ADB using the SD-Card

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There are some images provided to replace the image found on the ICnova by a new one. On an ADB4000 this can be used to replace a buildroot-based system by an android system.


The images are provided in a .zip-file. The contents of this file have to be placed in the top-directory of a usual (Micro-)SD Card. This card then should be inserted in the (internal) card-slot of the corresponding ICnova ADB. On an ICnova ADB4000 this will look like this:

Icnova adb4000 sdupdate.jpg

Afterwards the board has to be (re-)powered and the update-mechanism will take place instantly. When it is done, the display will show an instruction to remove the Card and restart the device. After these have been followed, the new image is ready to be used.

Available images

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