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This product is End of Life
This product is End of Life


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The In-Circuit radino UART-Bridge is a carrier board for all radino and radin32 modules. The serial communication pins (RX, TX, RST, BOOTSEL/HWB) are available on pin headers, so the radino UART-Bridge can be used as serial UART to radio bridge. Depending on the used radino module, different kinds of radio networks can be built up. The radino UART-Bridge is compatible to all radino and radino32 modules. radino modules with the 32U4 can be programmed with the Arduino IDE via ISP connector at the bottom side. radino32 modules are reprogrammed by enabling the STM32-internal Bootloader by setting the BOOTSEL to High while reset. Features:


  • UART pins on pin headers
  • UART pins on pin headers in 2.54mm pitch
  • BOOTSEL Pin on pin header, Note for radino32: the HWB MUST be tied low to deactivate the STM-Bootloader (the level-shifter circuit of the UART-Bridge pull up the HWB)
  • RP-SMA plug for antenna connection
  • Dimensions: 46.0x19.5mm
  • ISP connector on botom side to program the radino module
  • Reset button on bottom side


Datasheet radino UART-Bridge
Schematics radino UART-Bridge
Datasheet antennas
Downloadpage for radino library

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